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Garade D3
Email saito-ro-mw(at)
Hobby Programing, tennis

Grade D2
Email tanaka-tomoyuki-wy(at)
Hobby Programing, climbing

Garade D2
Email hironaka-yuki-ds(at)
Hobby Hamburg

Grade D2
Email yamae-taiki-yw(at)
Hobby Playing the piano

Grade D2
Hobby comic, game

Grade D1
Email okamoto-yu-ty(at)
Hobby Photography

Grade D1
Email luo-wenhui-dv(at)
Hobby Futsal

Grade M2
Email asai-kazuhito-xd(at)
Hobby A-cappella

Grade M2
Email ikedo-shunsuke-xc(at)
Hobby Watching baseball

Grade M2
Email koyama-akihisa-nk(at)
Hobby Listning to music

Grade M2
Email takagawa-yoshihiro-fz(at)
Hobby Cycling

Garade M2
Email takahashi-daichi-ms(at)
Hobby Composing music

Grade M2
Email wada-hiroaki-sj(at)
Hobby Netflix
Grade M1
Email kunihiro-akira-zr(at)
Hobby Reading books
Grade M1
Email takagi-shohei-yd(at)
Hobby Anime
Grade M1
Email naruse-mikiya-tn(at)
Hobby Anime, comic
Grade M1
Email mizushima-naoya-sg(at)
Hobby Playing drums

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